Why Meditate with Us?

Why Meditate with Us?

I’m sure you’ve all tried a random wee body scan or a 5-minute mindfulness video on YouTube at some point during these crazy pandemic times. We’re all trying anything and everything we can to help manage the stress and anxiety that comes with living in such uncertain and challenging times. But we’re all a bit ‘zoomed out’ these days and the constant online environment isn’t always helpful, regardless of the well-meaning content.

We feel the same and we think there’s nothing better than getting outside in the fresh air with a bit of human company and connection. Sitting in our lovely community garden, come rain or shine, (there is a shelter in the garden) we connect with nature and ourselves, with the guidance and support of fully trained mindfulness practitioners. Real life human people!

Relaxing in our wonderful gardens.

What to expect

The sessions are very relaxed and suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners. There’s lots of chat before and after the session and the community garden is a lovely place to relax and chill out in for a while before rushing back to the realities of our daily lives.

Think trees, flowers, fresh growing veggies and herbs, cool calm peacefulness and the gentle soothing and supportive voice of Clunie or Phillipa (our practitioners) guiding your chaotic mind slowly, gently, into a calmer and more focused state. Guiding you back into yourself with peace, gratitude, and compassion. Now think about how easy it is for you to allow yourself this little piece of heaven right on your doorstep, every Tuesday afternoon.

Meditation and mindfulness have many benefits, most of which you can realise from practising as little as 2 minutes at a time. Simply becoming aware of your breath and slowing it down gently for a minute or 2, has shown to greatly benefit and support your heart and blood pressure, and can start to support anxiety management. There are so many benefits to mindfulness and mediation, the list is goes on and on…

We love seeing new faces and having random conversations. Come and join us any Tuesday afternoon during October and meditate with the fall of the leaves. Let’s go into August with a clear intention of self-care, gratitude and compassion. Come and meditate with us!

When and where

Garden Meditation Sessions every Tuesday Afternoon at 2pm

Crownpoint Community Garden

Crownpoint Road

G40 2TA

Get in touch for more info

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