DIY Massage

Welcome to our DIY Massage-Accupressure Points

Massage is the healing power of touch to maintain good health and to reduce tension and pain.

Acupressure points have been used for centuries, and when pressed, promote the body's life force and its resistance to illness. You can use these yourself at any time for particular support. Consistency is key here, as regular massage is most effective at reducing pain and preventing recurrences.

Have a look below at the various acupressure points and click through the ones that appeal to you.


Points P6 and H7


Point P6 "Inner Gate"

Relieves anxiety and insomnia, nausea (including travel sickness or morning sickness) and indigestion.

Location: In the middle of the inner wrist, 2 and a half finger widths below the wrist crease.

Point H7 "Spirit Gate”

Also treats anxiety, insomnia and fear.

Location: On the little finger side of the inner wrist, in the indentation just below the wrist crease.


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How to use the points:

First, roll your shoulders to release tension, then shake your hands out.

Press directly onto the point with your thumb or finger. Breathe deeply, and gradually apply pressure, then hold still for 1 - 3 minutes of (strong but not painful) steady pressure, until you feel a pulse or throbbing here. Then gradually reduce the pressure.

You can do this 3 times a day, or as needed. For best results repeat each day for a few weeks.

Point LI 4

This point is LI 4, "Joining the Valley"

Also called "The Great Eliminator" as it is good for treating headaches caused by hangovers.

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Do NOT use if pregnant!


  • Open your hand in front of you, palm down
  • Press straight thumb and index finger together
  • Find the highest point on the muscle that bulges up between index finger and thumb
  • Press down here and underneath the bone that connects to the index finger, with your thumb from your other hand
  • Breathe deeply for one minute

If this point is tender, it indicates that there are toxins that need to be shifted, so repeat throughout the day if possible!

Points B 10 and GB 20

B10 "Heavenly Pillar" and GB20 "Gates of Consciousness"

Together they alleviate:

headaches, stiff necks, eyestrain, stress & burnout, dizziness, insomnia, irritability.

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Firstly B10, use all your fingertips to press firmly into the ropey muscles on the back of your neck. Hold here for 1 minute as you breathe deeply and move your head a little up and down.

Then GB20, place your thumbs underneath the base of your skull in the hollows between the 2 big neck muscles....slowly tilt your head back as you gradually press up & under the skull....close your eyes and breathe deeply as you firmly press into these points for up to 2 minutes. Continue holding these points lightly to feel for a pulsation

(the pulse indicates that there is greater circulation travelling through your brain - which can improve your memory and concentration)

Finish by rubbing the back of the neck up and down with the palm of your hand. Drink a glass of water.

Points K6 and B62


K6 "Illuminated Sea" and B62 "Calm Sleep"

Together they alleviate:

insomnia, ankle pain and swelling, and relax and calm the body.

They are on either side of the ankle.

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Gently grasp both points at once-

K6 (inside the ankle, one thumb width below middle of the ankle bone)

B62 (outside ankle, directly below the ankle bone)

Hold for 10 seconds then slowly release. Repeat 5 to 10 times on each ankle.


After stimulating these ankle points, take a few minutes to close your eyes and relax or give yourself a wonderful foot massage.


See next page for the foot massage instructions.

Virtual Foot Massage


This foot massage stimulates a series of acupressure points in the feet and ankles to restore and stimulate your body's natural energy system.

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  • Take off your shoes and place your left ankle on your right knee, so you can comfortably reach your left foot, with the sole facing up angled towards you. If this is not possible, adjust to any position where you can reach your own foot.
  • Clasp your foot with your hands, place both thumbs on the sole of your foot near your toes, with your fingers on the other side of your foot. Thoroughly massage your toes, as you take a nice deep breath.
  • Next, firmly walk your thumbs back along the sole of your foot, pressing all parts of the bottom of your foot as you massage gradually towards your heel. Focus on taking long, slow, deep breaths as you thoroughly massage the sole of your foot, pressing and then rubbing in small circles.
  • Now use your thumbs to massage the arch of the foot, starting at the heel, slowly working your hands up to the base of your big toe.
  • Use your fingertips to press gently between the bones on the top of your foot,as you press the bottom of our foot with your thumbs.
  • Next move your hands to your ankle, thoroughly massage both sides of your Achilles tendon ( the big tendon connects your heel bone to your calf muscle) all the way up to the base of your calf muscle. Finish by placing the palm of your hand on your sole and be aware of the warmth you have generated here.

Point Liv 3


Liv 3, " Bigger Rushing"

This point relieves headaches, cramps, irritability, fatigue and nausea. It invigorates the whole system.

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On the top of the foot, find the valley between the big toe and the 2nd toe on both feet, a few mms into the webbing.

Press down gently into the points on both feet at once with your index fingers.

Any tenderness here shows that the toxins present are being cleared away.

Alternatively, you could press down on this point with the heel of the opposite foot.


Relax your heel's weight down here for one minute.

Remember to also relax your shoulders and release your jaw from clenching while you do this.

Point K1

K1 - Bubbling Spring "To raise the spirits"

We have our final point on the foot. Here is a quick way to pick yourself up if you are feeling fatigued or faint, or after a shock. It is the point the acupressure practitioner uses to send a "Bubbling Spring" of energy up throughout the body.

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Found on the sole of the foot, just below the ball of the foot, between the 2 pads.

Sitting down, simply hold your thumb or fingertips on both feet.

Think of tapping in to a source of fresh energy and sending it all the way up through your feet and legs.

Point St 36


St 36, "Three Mile Point"

Three Mile Point invigorates the system and strengthens and tones the muscles throughout the body.

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4 finger widths below the kneecap, and one finger width to the outside of the shinbone.

It treats fatigue, dizziness, general weakness, digestive problems and nausea.

This point is said to provide three extra miles energy to a person that presses it.


Press firmly into the point with your finger or fingers.

You should feel the muscle flex under your fingers as you move the foot up and down 6 times.

Then use your fists to massage up and down the outside of the shinbone, covering the point and the surrounding area.


Point B23 and B47


B23 & B47 "Sea of Vitality"

This can be used together with last week's Three Mile point to boost your energy levels.

It relieves lower back ache, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, dizziness and irritability.

Use to strengthen your immune system and when you need impetus.

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B23 2 finger widths out from either side of spine. B47 4 finger widths out from either side of spine. Reach behind your lower back at waist level and press 2 and 4 finger widths out each side of the spine on the ropey muscles there.

Press in with your fingers as you take slow, deep breaths into your belly for 2 minutes. As an alternative you might like to lie down on your back with your knees bent.

Make fists with your hands and reach under the back, letting your body weight rest onto your knuckles at these points.



Caution: do not press on disintegrating discs or fractured bones.

If you have a weak back, instead of pressing with your fingers, place your palms here, pointing your fingers down and clasping your thumbs towards the waist. Lean back and relax.

Feel the warmth in the palms of your hands. Then slide your palms down so the heels of your hands are just above your hip bones and repeat- you will now be over your kidney area and the warmth of your hands will help increase energy reserves.

Finish by rubbing up and down either side of the spine.


Point Lu 1


Lu 1 "Letting go"

Found at the edge of the chest, this point is all about strengthening the lungs. It works to clear the chest. It also softens tightness here which could have built up from emotional anxiety.

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So, to relieve difficult breathing, asthma, fatigue and tension: Run your fingers along the base of your collarbone to the outer part of your chest, towards your armpit. Stop approx 1 inch before the armpit crease, just before you feel the shoulder joint.

Imagine your next few breaths filling up your lungs and spreading into this point as you press it with your fingers. You can use your other hand to support and for extra pressure.Repeat to the other side.


Point B2


B2 "Drilling Bamboo" Hangover points 

Throbbing headache-eye pain-hypersensitivity-nausea-fatigue...Hangover?! To detoxify and relieve hangovers use our self acupressure package to help

***and please drink lots of water***

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The 3 points to use are:

First, B2, "Drilling Bamboo" for the relief of headaches, red and painful eyes, foggy vision and head congestion.

Place the thumb and index finger of one hand on the very top of the bridge of the nose, squeeze lightly, press upwards into the upper bone of the eye socket.....breathe slowly, close your eyes and release your jaw while you do this.

Then, gently smoothe over your forehead and the top of your head with your palms.

Follow with 3 of our previous posts: Liv 3 top of the foot B10 & GB20 back of the neck LI4 between thumb and finger.


Point CV6


CV 6 "Sea of Energy"

This point is on the lower abdomen, an area thought of as the seat of strength and energy in martial arts. It relieves abdominal pain, supports the lower back pain, digestive problems and boosts energy levels by relieving fatigue and weakness. In this way the point strengthens the immune system and the internal organs.

Untitled design (16)

Located 2 finger widths directly below the belly button. Place all your fingertips directly between your belly button and the centre of your pubic bone.If you are feeling unwell, simply rest your hands here and become aware of the warmth spreading over the area from the palms of your hands.

If you feel comfortable, you can gradually increase the depth of pressure, closing your eyes to relax and breathe deeply, noticing the belly rising and falling with each breath under your hands.

Point CV 12


CV 12 "The Centre of Power"

It harmonises and reduces emotional stress and frustration that often causes digestive problems.

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On the midline, half way between the belly button and the base of the breastbone.

Apply gentle pressure with the index finger for 20 seconds angled up towards the diaphragm. Then, take a deep breath and sigh out.

Points B27-34


B27-34 "Sacral Points"

These cluster of acupressure points on the sacrum are especially supportive for women, relieving menstrual pain and lower back tension.

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On the sacrum, at the base of the spine directly above the tailbone.

You can reach round to place palms of the hands on the lower back to massage the area.

For a more restorative treatment, lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

Place hands on the floor, palms down, beside the base of your spine and underneath the buttock muscles, the glutes. Close your eyes and take long, deep breaths and sway your knees from side to side for around one minute and feel your knuckles and the tops of your hands reaching the points here.

Relax on your back for a few minutes, keeping knees bent and feet flat on the floor.