Get Out!

Get Out!

Needing some fresh air. Are you lacking a bit of get up and go? Is this impending doom of the colder weather and darker nights making you want to hide under a pile of blankets on the couch?

You need to get out!

Spectacular views

Think how much more rewarding the couch and hot cuppa will feel after a crisp fresh walk. Think of how much more you will appreciate peeling off your cold clothes, throwing your cosies on and sinking into that couch after you’ve just legged it around the park. 

We don’t need to go into too much detail about the benefits of walking as you all know how great nature’s gifts are. Fresh air, movement and exercise can bring an abundance of both physical and mental health benefits, not to mention increased confidence, mental focus and better sleeping at night.

Our walking group

Meet new people while you walk with us.

But how much better is it to take a nice wee stroll around your local green area with a group of motivated, chatty individuals. We are the ZeehubWalking Group and we call ourselves Active Soles. Meeting every Sunday morning at 11am at the gates of Alexandra Park. We chat and walk, and chat some more, while exploring the park and the food orchard. Sometimes we forage and discuss different herbal recipes, sometimes we venture out the park and stretch our legs a bit further.

Recent walks have included the 7 Lochs Park and the Glasgow Necropolis. We are an easy-going bunch of folks and always up for suggestions of different routes and new exploring ideas.

Some of us come and go and only walk as and when it suits them and some of us are there every week. We support each other and keep each other going. No pressure and no judgements, just walking and talking.

Come along and meet us at the gates for a friendly, free chatty walk. Get yourself out!

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