Zennistoun Hub Spring Activities

Zennistoun Hub Spring Activities

Do you see that?  

Six am sunrises, Eight pm sunsets. 

The birds, bees, and everything in-between awakened from their slumber. 

The flowers slowly but surely make their long-awaited welcome back to the world. 

Spring is finally here  

We at Zennistoun Hub love the season of Spring. 

It resembles new starts, new births and for us a whole new season of fun activities that everybody can get involved with. 

Why not take advantage of our beautiful weather and join our walk leader Becca in our Active Soles Walking Group. We meet every second Monday at 6 pm at Alexandra Parade gates. Here, you can meet with new, like-minded people and explore our beautiful dear green space during its peak. If this is something which would interest you then check out our services page for the full list of dates. 

If you prefer something more grounding and relaxed, then why not practice a sky pause, encouraged by our mindfulness practitioner Clunie. She has introduced a way to take a mindful break in your day without having to make a specific time to sit and meditate. Simply stop, take a deep breath, and look up at the sky. 

Part of the Mindfulness-Based Living Course is remembering. Having learned the techniques 

of meditating it is important to practice them each day to build these new habits 

into ways of thinking. 

Our director Nadia is starting a menopause chat group beginning Tuesday 2nd May, she is running both a morning and an evening session to fit perfectly in your schedule. Going through Menopause and peri-menopause can be one of the most difficult and isolating times in our lives. Come along and have a cup of tea, a chat or a good old rant. Access free, friendly and local support the old-fashioned way; in your community. You can find more information about the group on the services page. 

Regardless of your interests we have activities for everybody and welcome you all to discover Zennistoun Hub during this lovely Spring period. We cannot wait to meet you all and please contact us for any further enquiries. 

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