Our new Zen Jars

Our new Zen Jars

Are you interested in mindfulness but are struggling to get started? Practicing mindfulness but struggling to stay motivated?

Practicing mindfulness is an adaptable, personal, and effective way to bring some calm to our lives – as well as allowing us to take some me time. However, the growth of advertising and promotion of the practice of mindfulness often leaves out the two most important piece of advice: ‘How can mindfulness be achieved by me?’ and ‘What does ‘mindfulness’ actually mean?’

We at Zennistoun Hub agree that mindfulness is a practice that is beneficial and important – particularly throughout trying times. So what can we offer??

Weekly Guided Meditation sessions

An amazing opportunity to take some time for yourself and provides a friendly, calming environment, led by our practitioners. These sessions offer a friendly chance to learn the ropes of mindfulness or to deepen your experience within an accessible, calming atmosphere.

You can find more information on our ‘Meditate With Us’ sessions by clicking here.

‘Zen Jar’

The Zen Jar is a high-quality, hand-crafted repurposed glass jar packed with tips to assist you throughout your mindfulness journey.

Providing a tip for each day of the month, to support you on either getting started or assisting you towards your mindfulness goals and achievements.

Offering you a personal learning experience which can be adapted to suit your schedule within an environment familiar to you. Alternatively you can bring along your Zen Jar to our Meditate With Us sessions to further deepen your mindfulness experience.

Moreover, by purchasing Zen Jar, you will also be contributing to our innovative Pay-It-Forward community health hub, and assisting Zennistoun Hub in our mission to provide complementary and accessible therapies and classes regardless of social barriers or challenges.

If you are interested in purchasing Zen Jar these are available in our online store. https://zennistounhub.org/online-shop/

Wishing you all the best,

The Zennistoun Hub team

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