Happy ZHub

Happy ZHub

Lockdown has been difficult: we can’t see our family or friends and it feels like there’s constant bad news – it takes its toll.

In the uncertainty and darkness, the ZHub team have been finding joy in the little things and creating small moments of hope and light.

Welcome to Happy ZHub!

Making Daisy Chains

Making daisy chains in the sunshine with our littlest boss, Malachai 🌼💚

One of the positives to come out of this devastating situation is our ability to adapt and create. Going back to the simple things

New Life

A lovely photo from our director Clunie of her sprouting spinach seedlings in her living room  


A beautiful touch of green using yoghurt pots and a milk carton. 💚🌱

Yoga with Malachai

Our littlest team member 3 year old Malachai is here to brighten up your day by showing off his fabulous yoga skills!

Little Malachai is missing his Daddy terribly and only having daily window visits 😢 But he is staying active and positive with lots of yoga and other creative and fun activities.

Malachai is staying safe by staying at home and helping our wonderful NHS and all the heroes working there. Just like so many of you are doing too.

Thank you! 💕

We are all doing our part

We are all in this together and we will all get through this together! 💚

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